Shizumasa Togu

Kanji Name

東宮 閑雅

Romaji Name

Tōgū Shizumasa



Alternate Names


The 48th Emperor

Student Council Position



Takanari Togu (Twin Brother)

Kyouka Togu (Mother/Aunt)

Shouka Togu (Biological Mother)

Shuuichirou Togu (Grandfather)

Kasuga Togu (Cousin)


October 17



As the real Emperor, Shizumasa Togu is revered by almost everyone at Imperial Academy because of the fact that his family is rich and famous. Shizumasa developed a love interest for Haine. He acts very cruel to Takanari because he wanted Takanari to hate him after what he did to Takanari in the trial test, but he's a real gentlemen to Haine, because of his love for her. Due to his illness, his twin brother, Takanari is currently posing as him. A slight difference between Takanari and Shizumasa is that Shizumasa's hair is parted on his right. Because of his illness, he is MIA for a large portion of the series but returns at the end of Chapter 36. In Chapter 44, it is revealed that he has leukemia and need Takanari's bone marrow to live but ordered Senri to never speak of it. This reveals he was planning to die all along. In Chapter 47, Shizumasa decides to leave Haine and Takanari, to go and study abroad, after he has cured from his illness. His decision comes from his desire to become a better heir to the Togu family and to longer rely on others, like Haine and Takanari.