Ryouka Otomiya
Ryouka Otomiya

Kanji Name

乙宮 緑香

Romaji Name

Otomiya Ryōka


Formerly Bronze


Itsuki Otomiya (Husband)

Kusame Otomiya (Son)

Haine Otomiya (Step-Daughter)

Ryouka is Itsuki's wife and claims she fell in love with him at first sight. Before her marriage to Itsuki, Ryouka had already been married and had a son, Kusame, though her first husband is now deceased. She is a cheerful woman who likes to tease both her son and Haine, who she cares for like her own daughter. During high school, Ryouka had observed Maika and Itsuki and knew that they were close friends. She also said that she loved Maika, when Haine asked her if she ever liked a girl.