Kyouka Togu

Kanji Name

東宮 莢果

Romaji Name

Tōgū Kyōka


Takanari Togu (Nephew)

Shizumasa Togu (Nephew)

Shouka Togu (Twin Sister)

Shuuichirou Togu (Father)

Kasuga Togu (Niece)

Shizumasa and Takanari's mother, the older identical twin sister of their biological mother, Shouka. Kyouka is apparently away on business on a frequent basis, so neither Takanari or Shizumasa see her often. Compared to Shouka, Kyouka's health has been stable, which was why Shouka became Kyouka's shadow. When Haine meets her, Kyouka helps Haine find and save Takanari, who had been imprisoned as Shouka had, as Kyouka believes she does not have the power to approach her father or stop Shizumasa from continuing the kagemusha system.