Komaki Kamiya

Kanji Name

香宮 小牧

Romaji Name

Kamiya Komaki



Student Council Position

Middle School President


Kazuhito Kamiya (Father)

Maika Kamiya (Mother)

Haine Otomiya (Half-Sister)

Tachibana Kamiya (Brother)


June 12



Komaki is Haine's biological little sister from the Kamiya family. She posed as Takanari ("Shizumasa") Togu's fiancée to protect Haine from being sent back to their father. Though proper and lady-like, she tends to have her moments of outburst, proving that she is indeed Haine's sister. She loves her sister, Haine, a great deal and refers to her as nee-sama, despite knowing that Haine is only her half-sister. Komaki is extremely devoted to Haine, becoming upset if others, like Kusame and Tachibana try to spend more time with her than Komaki does. Komaki is the President of the Imperial Academy's Middle School Student Council. She is also very stubborn and outgoing. On her first date with Kusame, she kissed him. It is implied that Mizuki, the secretary of the student council was in love with her because he voted for her in the popularity gag and he was going to confess to her during her party. Kusame is very possessive over her.