Kazuhito Kamiya

Kanji Name

香宮 和仁

Romaji Name

Kamiya Kazuhito


Formerly Gold

Alternate Names

The 39th Emperor


Maika Kamiya (Wife)

Haine Otomiya (Step-Daughter)

Komaki Kamiya (Daughter)

Tachibana Kamiya (Son)

Kazuhito is married to Maika, Haine's mother. Kazuhito was originally the Vice Chairman of the Student Council when he was at the Imperial Academy while Itsuki was the Emperor. When Kazuhito first saw Maika, she was practicing ballet under a cherry blossom tree when she kicked out her leg and accidentally landed on him. He fell in love with her and believed that she loved him as well, but after seeing her and Itsuki kissing, he lost control and stole Itsuki's position through having a new election using underhanded means. He won the election by the students' "lack of confidence" in Itsuki and became the new Emperor. Immediately, he formed the rank of "Platinum" and granted the title to Maika, who became the first Platinum ever, announcing her as his girlfriend and almost forcefully binding her to him. Although he seems cold, he genuinely loves Maika and it is very evident in the later chapters that he cares deeply for her. Because of his reserved personality, his family is often unable to see how much he cares for them. When Haine was a child, he gave her the book that had been written by Takanari as a birthday present, and later, Haine learns that he set Haine's name as the password to Maika's room, both acts that allow Haine to realize how much her father loves her.

Kazuhito was believed to be Haine's father until it was revealed in the end of Chapter 35 that Itsuki is Haine's biological father. As a result, it is believed that Kazuhito does not care for Haine and has known for some time that she was not his biological daughter.His reasoning for "selling" Haine to Itsuki Otomiya had not only been for the money he needed, but also to return her to her "real father". In Chapter 37, however, it was revealed through a letter Kazuhito wrote to the Principal of the Imperial Academy that he does very much care about Haine and her well being, despite how coldly he acts toward her. It is also revealed that he gave her to Itsuki because she reminded him too much of Maika and he did not want Haine to be unhappy like Maika. Therefore he thought selling her to Itsuki would make her free of the rules in the Kamiya family. He and Maika are expecting a fourth child, a girl.