Kasuga Togu
Kasuga Togu

Kanji Name

東宮 春日

Romaji Name

Tōgū Kasuga


Takanari Togu (Cousin)

Shizumasa Togu (Cousin)

Kyouka Togu (Aunt)

Shouka Togu (Aunt)

Shuuichirou Togu (Grandfather)

Kasuga is, surprisingly, Takanari and Shizumasa's cousin. She is a member of Haine's old gang (Dark Mermaid), and she admitted that she was the most disappointed when Haine left. Called 'Top 2', they had fought well together. When Haine announced that she was quitting, Kasuga knocked out her teeth. She had kept them with her, and later handed them over to Takanari and Shizumasa. She gives up her yanki lifestyle to pursue Kiriaki.